+ Pregnancy related back and pelvic pain
+ Return to exercise after childbirth 
+ Postnatal Pelvic
floor rehabilitation

+ Abdominal muscle separation
+ Bladder urgency, frequency and incontinence
+ Gynaecological surgery rehabilitation 
+ Prolapse


BPhty, MClin Phys (Continence and Women's Health)​

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Anna Scammell studied her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University
of South Australia, before completing her Masters at Curtin University in 2012. In this time she cultivated a special interest in ante- and post-natal women’s issues including treating pregnant women with back pain, and assisting with recovery after childbirth.

Anna takes a holistic approach to her practice, allowing her patients to maximise their treatment by fostering a comfortable and supportive clinical environment, as well as educating them to ensure long-term results. This extends to making lifestyle adjustments, planning and correcting posture, and the benefits of ongoing Pilates.
She is sensitive to the needs and stressors that women face in their childbearing years and strives to support and empower her patients through effective recovery work and education so they are able to live symptom-free.
When not at work, Anna can be found at the beach, taking yoga
classes, enjoying the scenic coastal walk, or visiting family in her hometown of Adelaide. 

Tues 8.00am - 11.00am