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+ Pregnancy-related pelvic, back & hip pain
+ Birth preparation
+ Labour TENS machine hire
+ Pelvic floor weakness or tension
+ Abdominal separation
+ Safe return to exercise after childbirth 
+ Prolapse
+ Painful sex
Bladder urgency, frequency & incontinence
Reduced bladder sensation


BPhty, MClin Phys (Continence and Women's Health)​

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Anna Scammell is a Masters-trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist with 14+ years experience. She has a special interest in pre/postnatal care including pregnancy-related pelvic & back pain, birth preparation and assisting with recovery & safe return to exercise after childbirth.


Anna educates & empowers women with holistic advice, strategies & exercises to help them achieve a stronger pregnancy, empowered birth and faster recovery post-birth. She is a big believer in preventative pelvic floor therapy, helping to both prevent and manage prolapse & incontinence.


Anna hires out labour TENS machines for birth, fits women with SRC compression garments, and is experienced in minimising & rehabilitating abdominal separation (diastasis).


Anna also treats women of any age experiencing painful sex; prolapse (vaginal heaviness); bladder urgency, frequency or leakage; recurrent UTIs, endometriosis; and constipation or reduced control of wind/stool.


Outside of work, Anna can be found at the beach, doing Pilates, enjoying the scenic coastal walk, or visiting family in her hometown of Adelaide. 

Tues 8.00am - 11.00am

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