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+ Chronic illness (heart disease, diabetes, IBS, PCOS and more)
+ Food allergies & intolerances
+ Sports dietetics
+ Fertility concerns
+ Fussy eating in children
+ Improving relationships with food
+ Practical life skills (cooking/grocery shopping education, meal planning)




Megan Kearley is an accredited practising dietitian, originally from the United States. Megan completed a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science at the University of Tampa. Shortly after, she realised that her passion lay with food and the science behind how food affects the body. 
This passion is what ultimately led Megan to dietetics. Upon relocating to Australia, and with this interest in mind, Megan completed a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney.

Megan believes that there are many different avenues to take with dietetics, but one-on-one time with clients is where she makes the most impact. She takes a holistic approach to her patients, and understands the need to incorporate other members of the multidisciplinary team, as well as evidence-based practice to provide the best care.

Megan acknowledges her client's goals and barriers, and works with them to create an individual tailored program  that will improve nutrition and ultimately, assist her client's in meeting their goals.

Outside of work, you can find Megan outdoors doing activities that get her moving. Some of her favourites include swimming, swim coaching, tennis and hiking.

Tues 9am - 1pm