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It can be difficult to know whether something on your skin is a harmless mole, normal sun damage or a sign of cancer. 
How often you should have a skin check will depend on your skin type, your age and your risk profile for skin cancer. 
The Cancer Council recommends adults self-check their skin and moles every 3 months. Those in an at-risk category should have a trained doctor examine them at least once a year. 
So keep track of skin changes and if you notice any changes to your skin, have them investigated by a doctor. 

Tips on moles
+ See your doctor if a mole looks different or if a new mole appears after the age of 25. 
+ Normal moles usually look alike. 
Observe moles carefully for any sign of change. 
Moles are harmless coloured spots that range from 1 mm to 10 mm.
They are uniform in shape and even coloured. They may be raised.
The more moles or freckles you have, the higher your risk of skin cancer.
Moles may have uneven borders and multiple colours like brown and black.
If you require a skin procedure your doctor will discuss what is involved, how long it will take and any associated costs. Please click here for further details on our procedure fees.

Skin Checks


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