Contraceptive Procedures

At Bondi Doctors we offer a comprehensive range of contraceptive procedures including the Mirena™ hormonal IUD, the copper IUD and Implanon. 

What is an IUD?

  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are small contraceptive devices that are inserted into the uterus (womb) to prevent pregnancy. 

  • The 2 types available are the copper IUD and the hormonal IUD (sold as Mirena™). 

  • Both are among the most effective methods of contraception and can stay in place for 5 to 10 years, depending on the type. 



  • Name - Mirena (‘progestogen IUD’)       

  • Description - Mirena is a small, T-shaped device made of impregnated plastic that is placed inside the uterus.

  • How it works - The device releases a progestogen called levonorgestrel, this changes the cervical mucus and inhibits movement of sperm.     

  • Length of protection - 5 years

  • Considerations - Your doctor will check your cervix to determine your suitability for Mirena. Cramping can occur in the few days after Mirena is inserted. Women who haven’t had children, or those who have had C-sections, may experience more cramping and discomfort.


+ Dr Alana Lessi
+ Dr Sisi Zhao
 Dr Christina Thuraisamy


  • Name - Copper IUD

  • Description - A small plastic device that has a stem wound with fine copper wire.  

  • How it works - The copper IUD releases very small amounts of copper (about one-hundredth of your average food intake of copper) which creates conditions inside the uterus that are unsuitable for pregnancy. 

  • Length of protection - 10 years

  • Considerations - As with a Mirena IUD, cramping can occur a few days after the IUD is inserted. You may also experience a change in the pattern of your periods.



  • Name - Implanon implant

  • Description - A 4cm-long, flexible plastic rod is inserted directly under the skin of the arm.        

  • How it works - The implant contains a synthetic progesterone hormone, which is released into the bloodstream. Fertility returns quickly upon removal.              

  • Length of protection - 3 years

  • Considerations - You will require a local anesthetic for insertion. You may feel a slight sting, and some women experience mild bruising.            



Contraceptive Procedure Fees

When you discuss the procedure with your doctor they will explain what is involved, the length of time required and how much the procedure will cost. 
Mirena & Copper IUD Procedures

+ IUD insertion - gap fee $220
+ IUD removal & insertion of new IUD - gap fee $220
+ IUD removal - standard gap fee (see here for details)

Implanon Procedures

+ Implanon insertion - gap fee of $110
+ Implanon removal - gap fee of $160
+ Implanon replacement - gap fee of $160

All procedures attract a private fee regardless of your age or concession.