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SMS Results

At Bondi Doctors we use a secure SMS system to notify you of the outcome of your test results. Our reception team do not have the ability to send, or give out results, so there is no need to contact us over the phone.
Please allow five business days to receive an SMS update on your results. Please note that the processing time for results may be longer for certain tests. If you are waiting on a range of test results, note that you will not receive an SMS notification until ALL test results have been received and reviewed by your doctor. Please discuss this with your GP during your initial consultation.

See below for information on how to request a copy of your results.

How we manage results
1. Your results will be reviewed by your doctor;
2. Your doctor will determine if your results:

(i) Require no further action,
(ii) Are non-urgent but require follow up,
(iii) Urgently require follow up.      

3. Once your doctor has reviewed all of your test results, you will receive a secure SMS notifying you whether you need to return to see your doctor.
If your doctor has not requested a follow-up consultation and you are still experiencing symptoms, please book online with your doctor for further review.


Request Copy of Results

After your results have been reviewed by your doctor, there are several ways in which you can obtain a copy of your results. 

My Health Record
Unless you chose to opt out of a My Health Record, your pathology results should automatically be available to you 7 days after your tests have been finalised, via the MyHealth app. Please note that only pathology results are available via My Health Record, radiology results can be obtained directly from your radiologist.

See below for more information on accessing your My Health Record.

Some older
pathology results may not be available through My Health Record. If this is the case, please refer to the below options. 

Via your specialist
If you would like a copy of your results to take to a specialist appointment, consider asking your specialist’s rooms to request your results directly from the pathology or radiology provider e.g., Douglass Hanly Moir, Laverty, Medscan or IMED etc.

During consultation with your GP
If you require results urgently and the alternative options are unsuitable, please book a telehealth or face to face consultation with your GP to obtain your results during a consultation.
Bondi Doctors online request for a copy of your results​​
You can request a copy of your results through our online booking system. 

Upon submitting a request for a copy of your test results, you will be required to select an appointment day and time, which will allocate a time for your request to be reviewed and actioned by a member of our team. Please note that this is not an appointment for you to attend the practice.

Please note: our team can only provide you with a copy of your results once they have been marked as no action by your GP, or after you have previously discussed the results in consultation with your GP. Therefore please wait until you receive the results SMS notification before requesting a copy of your results.

Can I call or email reception to obtain a copy of my test results? 

No. We have recently made some changes to our systems which means that our reception team are not able to access or provide you with your test results.  



We are committed to preventative care and from time to time you may be contacted via our automated SMS system in relation to repeat tests, immunisations and routine health screening.


My Health App

Did you know that you can access your My Health Record, including your recent test results, via the My Health App? 

For more information and to download the app, click the button below. 

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