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General Practitioner


+ Men's health
+ Chronic Disease
+ Paediatrics
+ Diabetes
 Sports injuries and nutrition
+ Mental health
+ RHW Antenatal Shared Care Accredited


+ Persian (Farsi)

Dr Alister is a RACGP fellow practitioner, working as a GP for over 5 years, with extensive experience in emergency medicine. He is also an associate member of the Australian College of sports medicine.
He is enthusiastic about all aspects of general practice including men’s and women’s health, paediatrics, mental health, diabetes, and chronic disease management to list a few. His special interests include sport injuries, sports nutrition, orthopaedics and obesity management.

More recently, Alister has developed a keen interest in long COVID, particularly with its effect on elite athletes and their training regimes. 

Alister follows a very active lifestyle and is an avid Crossfitter. He is extremely passionate about exercise education and science playing an important role in the prevention exercise injury.

Ad Hoc

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