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+ Men's health
+ Skin medicine
+ Obesity management

+ Chronic disease
+ Paediatrics
+ Diabetes
+ Sports medicine, inc injuries and nutrition
+ Mental health
+ Long COVID
+ RHW Antenatal Shared Care Accredited


+ Persian (Farsi)



General Practitioner

Dr. Alister Sigaroudi is an experienced and compassionate GP with a special interest in Sports Medicine, Obesity Management, and Skin Cancer.
With 6 years of dedicated service as a General Practitioner and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), obtained after working in a variety of disciplines in NSW hospitals, mainly in emergency medicine, Alister is committed to providing holistic care to his patients.
Passionate about exercise education, Dr. Alister advocates for active living and offers science-based approaches to prevent exercise-related injuries and optimise performance.
As an obesity management expert, Dr. Alister helps patients overcome obesity challenges through personalised approaches, combining medical expertise, lifestyle counselling, and nutritional guidance for sustainable weight loss goals.
With a keen interest in skin cancer screening, Dr. Alister emphasises the importance of early detection. He offers thorough skin cancer screenings, safeguarding skin health in the Australian climate.
From Men's and Women's health to paediatrics, mental health, diabetes management, and chronic disease care, Dr. Alister provides comprehensive general practice services.
Dr. Alister's practice is LGBTQI+ friendly, ensuring every patient receives respectful and sensitive care.

In his spare time, Alister is a martial arts enthusiast and loves to stay active. He enjoys spending time with his dog Cookie, cat KitKat and his wonderful wife Dr. Sadaf Salehi, who is also a GP at Bondi Doctors.

Mon 8:15am - 5:30pm Tues 8:15am - 4:30pm Wed 2.00pm - 9.00pm  Sun 8.15am - 2.00pm

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