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+ Women's heath
+ Implanon insertion and removal 
+ Family planning
+ Chronic Disease
+ Paediatrics
+ Therapeutic injectables   
+ Skin health
+ Mental health
 RHW Antenatal Shared Care Accredited


+ Persian (Farsi)



General Practitioner

Sadaf achieved her MD qualification in 2010 and has been practicing in a range of settings over the past 11 years. Sadaf was admitted to the Royal Australian College for General Practitioners in 2018.

Sadaf is passionate about supporting her patients with the latest evidence-based medicine. She also has a keen interest in therapeutic and cosmetic injectables and has undergone extensive training in Australia and overseas in this field. At Bondi Doctors Sadaf offers therapeutic injectable procedures for the treatment of headaches, hyperhidrosis and teeth grinding.

In her spare time, Sadaf enjoys photography and spending time and exercising outdoors with her husband, who is also a GP.


Tues 6.00pm - 8.45pm Thurs 6.00pm - 8.45pm Sun 8.15am - 1.45pm

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