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Excisions and Biopsies

At Bondi Doctors we offer a comprehensive range of excision and biopsy procedures depending on the course of treatment determined by your GP. An initial skin check is required prior to booking in for a procedure.

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​A skin biopsy involves the removal of a part of the skin for further microscopic assessment. Your GP will remove a small section of your skin (usually 2-3mm) which will be sent to the pathology lab for further examination and diagnosis. 

Skin biopsies are a minor procedure and are typically performed under local anaesthetic.

There are three main biopsy methods:

+ Skin excisions
+ Shave biopsy
+ Punch biopsy

A dressing will be applied to your wound following surgery and you will be given post operative instructions on how to take care of your specific wound.

Post operative care will vary depending on the procedure performed.

To book in for a dressing change or removal of stitches. Please contact our reception staff


A surgicial excision involves removing a skin lesion entirely by cutting it out.

The most common type of excision is an elliptical excision. The ellipse is often designed so that the resulting scar runs parallel with existing skin creases. This usually provides a wound under less tension and orientates the scar in a direction which is less noticeable to the eye.

A surgical excision is also performed under local anaesthetic. 

Your GP will discuss with you at the time of your initial skin check what sort of procedure you require. 


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