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At Bondi Doctors, we take pride in the specialised care we offer to our youngest patients.

Most of our doctors hold postgraduate qualifications in children's health, ensuring they are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care.

Our team is dedicated to treating children of all ages with a special focus on creating a welcoming and supportive environment for both children and their families. 

We offer a wide rate of paediatric services, including but not limited to:

  • Six-week newborn checks: early assessment of your newborn's health and development to ensure they are thriving and meeting expected milestones.

  • Developmental milestones: monitoring and supporting your child's growth and development from infancy through adolescence. Our GPs provide guidance on what to expect at each stage and offer interventions if any developmental delays are identified.

  • Childhood illnesses

  • Childhood immunisations

  • Sleep and feeding: addressing common issues related to sleep and feeding, our team offers practical advice and solutions to help establish healthy sleep patterns and ensure proper nutrition. 

  • Food allergies


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