Speak to a compassionate, experienced doctor by video or telephone from the convenience of your home.

Telehealth is well suited to scripts and referrals, or the management of one issue where physical examination is not required.

+ Private Telehealth is available 7 days a week

+ Bulk billed Telehealth is available for pensioners
    7 days a week from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

+ Telehealth consultations are 15mins long. 

Bulk Billed Telehealth

+ If you are a Pensioner, you can access bulk billed Telehealth from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

+ Standard cancellation fees apply to all Telehealth consults.


Bulk billed Telehealth must be booked by phone with reception by calling 9365 2833.


Private Telehealth

Private Telehealth is available 7 days a week, whenever we are open.

A $25 gap fee applies to patients aged 0 to 5 years.

A $45 gap fee applies to all other eligible patients. 

Book online.

+ At this stage we are unable to process your Medicare refund for private Telehealth consults. 

+ To be eligible for a Medicare rebate you must have visited the practice in person within the last 12 months.

Standard cancellation fees apply to all Telehealth consults.

Telehealth for Non Medicare patients 

If you do not have a valid Medicare card or have not visited the practice in person in the last 12 months and would like to have a Telehealth consultation with your doctor, you can book a private Telehealth consult.

​As private Telehealth consults are not covered by Medicare they incur a cost of $85.00 (<15 minutes appointment).

How to get your Medicare rebate for private Telehealth consults

You can submit a Medicare claim online using either:

+ Your online account through myGov; or,

+ The Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

Your benefit will be paid into the bank account you have nominated with Medicare.

When you submit a claim online, you will usually receive your benefit within 7 days.

For instructions and more information click here.


How does Telehealth work?

+ Ensure you select the Telehealth appointment type at the time of booking 












Read the instructions below for how to book your Telehealth consult.

When your consult is due to commence you will need to open the AMS Connect App.

Your doctor will contact you when they are ready to start the video consultation. 

In the case of technical difficulties your doctor will call you by phone.

Step 1: Once you have booked your appointment with reception, you will need to download the AMS Connect App

For android phones: download AMS Connect here

For apple phones: download AMS Connect here

Step 2: You will receive a text message reminder 5 minutes before your Telehealth consult is due to commence. When its time for your appointment, open the AMS Connect app on your phone.

Step 3: Your doctor will contact you through the AMS Connect app when they are ready to begin the consultation. ​Please allow for a delay of up to 10 minutes for technical issues etc, before contacting reception.

REMEMBER: in the event of any technical issues, your doctor can make a standard phone call and speak to you on the phone.


If you need a script following your Telehealth phone consultation


If you require a script following your telehealth consultation, we can arrange for it to be faxed directly to your preferred pharmacy.


If your preferred pharmacy is not one of the pharamcies listed below, please allow 48 hours for the script to be delivered. You can then organise to collect, or arrange home delivery, of your medication.

We can organise for your script to be delivered to one of the following local pharmacies within 24 hours: 

Gaslight Pharmacy Rose Bay

Home delivery available Monday to Friday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

484 Old South Head Road

Rose Bay NSW 2029

Bondi Pharmacy

Home delivery available Monday to Friday after 3:00pm

81 Hall Street

Bondi Beach

NSW 2026


Glenayr Pharmacy

Home delivery available Monday, Wednesday and Friday

114 Glenayr Avenue

Bondi Beach

NSW 2026

Chemist Warehouse

Home delivery available for a $10.00 fee

459-463 New South Head Rd

Double Bay

NSW 2028

If you need a referral following your Telehealth phone consultation


If you require a referral for pathology, radiology or to a specialist following your telehealth phone consultation, we can email you your referral or fax it directly to the relevant service.