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What to know about telehealth fees
What type of telehealth do i need?

What to know about Telehealth fees

To be eligible for Medicare-funded telehealth services you must have seen your GP, or another GP at Bondi Doctors, for a face-to-face appointment at least once in the 12 months prior to the date of your telehealth consultation.

This means that if you haven't been to Bondi Doctors for a face to face appointment in the last 12 months, you will incur the full consultation cost as no Medicare rebate will be applied.

For comprehensive fee information, please click here. 

What type of Telehealth appointment do I need?

Bondi Doctors offers TWO types of telehealth appointments: phone or video telehealth. 

The Medicare rebate you will receive after your consultation will vary depending on the type of telehealth appointment you book, so it is important you choose the correct one. 

Video or 'FaceTime' Telehealth consults

Video telehealth appointments are considered best practice and Medicare offers rebates for a wide range of video telehealth appointment types. 

To access video telehealth appointments you will need to download the
AMS Connect app. Via the app, you can manage all your appointments at Bondi Doctors and access video or 'FaceTime' consults with your GP.

Phone or Audio Telehealth consults

A phone telehealth consult involves a phone call to your mobile number from a GP. Medicare offers rebates for a limited range of phone telehealth appointment types and for this reason you must book phone Telehealth consults through our reception team, by calling 9365 2833. Please consult the table below before booking your appointment.

BDR should I book phone or video consult.png
How telehealth works

How does Telehealth work?

Step 1: Once you have booked your appointment, please download the AMS Connect App.

For android phones: download AMS Connect here
For apple phones: download AMS Connect here

Step 2: You will receive a text message reminder 5 minutes before your Telehealth consult is due to commence with a link to access your appointment.
Alternatively, you can access your appointment by 
opening the AMS Connect app on your phone and clicking on 'AMS Video Appointments'.

Step 3: Your doctor will contact you join the appointment when they are ready. ​Please allow time for delay in the event of technical issues, emergencies, etc, before contacting reception.

REMEMBER: in the event of any technical issues, your doctor can make a standard phone call and speak to you on the phone.

Telehealth scripts

If you need a script following your Telehealth consultation
If you require a script following your telehealth consultation, we can arrange for it to be (i) emailed to you, or (ii) faxed directly to your preferred pharmacy.
Local pharmacies

Glenayr Pharmacy
Home delivery available Monday, Wednesday and Friday
114 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Bondi Pharmacy

Home delivery available Monday to Friday after 3:00pm
81 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Gaslight Pharmacy Rose Bay
Home delivery available Monday to Friday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

484 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay, NSW 2029

Chemist Warehouse
Home delivery available for a $10.00 fee
459-463 New South Head Rd, Double Bay, NSW 2028

If you need a referral following your Telehealth consultation
If you require a referral for pathology, radiology or to a specialist following your telehealth consultation, we can email you your referral or fax it directly to the relevant service.

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