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GP fees

Face-to-face appointments 

2023.08.01 - BDR F2F Fee Table.png

Telehealth appointments

BDR Telehealth Fees Table

At the time of booking your appointment, you will be required to supply credit/debit card details (VISA or Mastercard) to confirm your appointment.  A $1.00 card validation payment will be processed at the time of booking and voided following your consultation.


Your credit/debit card will be charged if:

  1. You have booked a telehealth appointment or will not be attending the practice physically for your appointment,

  2. You incur a cancellation fee by not providing the required notice for cancelling or changing your appointment, 

  3. If you are unable to provide an alternative payment method at the time of your appointment,

  4. If you forget to pay following your consultation, and/or 

  5. For the payment of outstanding accounts.

Pension Card Holders


Bondi Doctors is a private practice.
Appointments for Pensioners aged 65 years and older attract a reduced gap fee of $35 from Mon to Fri before 6PM. Credit card details are still required at the time of booking.
Please refer to the table below.

Face-to-face appointments 

fees table face to face pensioners bdr.png

Telehealth appointments

bdr telehealth fees table pensioners.png
Cancellation Fees

Cancellation Policy

Please provide us with 3 hours notice if you wish to cancel or change your appointment with your doctor. 

Any cancellations or changes to appointments within 3 hours may attract a cancellation fee equivalent to the out of pocket fee of your appointment.

Below is a list of standard appointments and their corresponding cancellation fees. Please keep in mind that if your appointment is a specialised GP appointment e.g. medicinal cannabis, medical termination etc., your cancellation fee will differ from the below and will be equivalent to the corresponding out of pocket fee for your appointment type.

​All cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking and must be paid before you can book another appointment at Bondi Doctors.

2023.08.07 - BDR Cancel Fee table.png
Bulk Billing

Bulk Billing

Bondi Doctors is a private practice, and does not offer bulk-billing.

Patients eligible for a Medicare rebate will receive their rebate into the bank account linked to their Medicare within 1-2 business days.


How to update your bank account details with Medicare:


  1. Online: 

  2. Phone: 132 011 (available 24 hours)

  3. Post: 

  4. In Person: At your local Medicare service centre

Childhood Imms

Childhood Immunisations

Childhood immunisation appointments attract a $45 gap fee and involve: 

  • A dedicated nurse appointment: including growth and measurement checks.

  • A vaccine component with both the nurse and your GP.

  • A dedicated 15 minute appointment with your GP following vaccinations, who will conduct a thorough Blue Book check, and will give you the opportunity to discuss any developmental concerns, referrals, prescriptions, etc. 

Please note that Bondi Doctors does not offer a 'vaccinations only' appointment for childhood immunisations, so the gap fee will apply to all immunisation appointments.

Procedure fees

Procedure Fees

Please note that all procedures require an initial consultation with your doctor to discuss what is involved with your procedure including the complexity, the duration and cost of your procedure.

The cost of your procedure is dependent upon the complexity and duration, and may differ from the fees listed below.

All procedures attract a private gap fee, regardless of your age or concession. Your doctor will inform you of which fee applies prior to your procedure appointment.

Women's Health Procedures

+ IUD Removal- gap fee $80
+ IUD Insertion Procedure - gap fee $260

Implanon Procedure (insertion only) - gap fee $150
+ Implanon Procedure (removal only; or removal & insertion) - gap fee $200
+ Medical Termination - gap fee $260

Other Procedures

+ Iron Infusion -  gap fee $200
+ Procedure Level 1 -  gap fee $80
+ Procedure Level 2 -  gap fee $150
+ Procedure Level 3 -  gap fee $200

Patients without Medicare should contact our reception team to obtain a quote for their procedure, as it may differ from the gap fees listed above. 


Other Fees

Payment options 

Bondi Doctors does not accept payment in cash.

Payment following your consultation can be made using EFTPOS (savings/cheque accounts) and most major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

At the time of booking your appointment, you will be required to supply your credit card details (either VISA or Mastercard) to confirm your appointment.

Your credit/debit card will only be charged if you do not provide the required notice for cancelling or changing your appointment, if you are unable to provide an alternative payment method at the time of your appointment or for the payment of outstanding accounts.

A $1.00 card validation payment will be processed and immediately voided as part of the card validation process.

Payment surcharges equal to the cost of acceptance apply.

A surcharge of 0.7% applies to Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards, 1.4% for all other credit cards and 1.4% for all automated ecommerce transactions (when you do not physically use your card to pay for your consultation). 

No surcharge applies to EFTPOS transactions made using your savings or cheque account.

Please note that a 1.4% payment surcharge applies to all Telehealth appointments as telehealth appointments are processed through an ecommerce facility.

Submit a Medicare Rebate

Claim Your Medicare Rebate

It is very easy for you to claim your Medicare rebate either online through myGov, or via the Medicare Express app. 

BDR how to download the medicare express app.png

If you are having trouble submitting your claim via the Medicare Express App, you can use Medicare online, as outlined below:

BDR how to claim your medicare rebate online.png
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