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Medical Terminations

If you need support understanding what pregnancy termination options are available to you, we are here to help. We understand it is an important decision which takes time and requires impartial and supportive advice.

You are not alone.

One-third of Australian women experience an unintended pregnancy in their lifetimes 1 and 30.4% of these pregnancies will end in abortion (1 in 5 Australian women) 2

At Bondi Doctors we offer ‘non-surgical’ abortion or medical termination.
Medical termination is a more accessible and less invasive option than surgical termination and can be provided by qualified GPs.
What is a medical termination?

A medical termination involves taking a short course of medication to terminate the pregnancy and is suitable for early stage pregnancies.
Ideally medical terminations are performed between 5-7 weeks gestation, but can be performed up to 9 weeks gestation.

Medical terminations within 9 weeks gestation is a low-risk, non-surgical procedure with a high 98% success rate.

Medical termination is a two-step process:

The first stage involves taking a tablet which blocks the hormone necessary for the pregnancy to continue. This is followed by a second medication taken 24-48 hours later, which causes the uterus to contract and the pregnancy to be expelled. 


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2 Taft AJ, Shankar M, Black KI, Mazza D, Hussainy S, Lucke JC. Unintended and unwanted pregnancy in Australia: A cross-sectional, national random telephone survey of prevalence and outcomes. Med J Aust 2018;209(9):407–08 

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