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Pregnancy Care

At Bondi Doctors we specialise in women’s health, reproductive health and pregnancy care.
Our comprehensive pregnancy support service includes:
+ Pregnancy planning and advice;
+ Antenatal Shared Care with the Royal Hospital for Women;
+ Six week post-natal checks;
+ New-born and infant care;
+ Breastfeeding advice 

​Please advise reception if you require an initial pregnancy consultation so we can book you a longer consultation with your doctor (30 minutes).


Most of our doctors are accredited to provide care under the specialist Antenatal Shared Care program offered by the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW). 

The Antenatal Shared Care Program involves sharing your pregnancy care between the Royal Hospital for Women and your family doctor. It offers choice, convenience and continuity of care for women during pregnancy. 

Advantages of the Antenatal Shared Care Program: 

  • Personalised care with the same doctor;

  • Ongoing care for you and your family before and after your baby is born;

  • Convenience, flexibility and low wait times for appointments; and

  • Affordable alternative to private Obstetric care

Who is Antenatal Shared Care for? 

  • Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies;

  • Women who wish to be cared for by their GP and the RHW practitioners; and

  • Women who wish to deliver their baby at the RHW.


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